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EL-Mogawra No. 3 – Building No. 9

The New Borg EL- Arab City- Alexandria, Egypt

Office : 0190024139

TeleFax : 034590795

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email : cts@ctschemicals.com

What we offer

Chemical treatment systems (C.T.S)

a company specialized in the field of water treatment in Egypt

C.T.S … Team !

Highly skilled engineers and technicians have the knowledge and experience to solve even the most challenging problems associated with your water quality and the impact it has on your operation .

C.T.S … Goals !

Manufactured to the highest quality control and industry standards to cover different industrial lines and specialties to satisfy our client’s needs. We supply a various types of water treatment products ranging from boilers, cooling towers, closed systems, RO and thermal desalination .

C.T.S … Products !

Are designed to overcome problems associated with scale and corrosion as well as organic, inorganic and microbiological fouling.